What is every investor concerned with when it comes to rental properties, or any investment period? Well, the majority of us are interest in one of two things:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Return of Investment
The problem these days, in Toronto at least, is that the market is both saturated with condo owners renting their units privately (or even through a realtor on MLS) and, even though the vacancy rates are quite low, the profit margins are simply not there.
Take this quick example (these numbers are not intended to be accurate, just for demonstration purposes):
2-bedroom condo purchased in Toronto
  • $400,000 purchase price (let's say that includes ALL fees)
  • 20% down with 80% mortgaged —> monthly mortgage of approximately $1,700
  • Maintenance fees of approximately $500 per month
  • Property taxes of approximately $250 per month
And how much would something like the above rent for?
Approximately $2,200 total!
That means that it's not a smart investment whatsoever!
So, how do you possibly make money with a condo rental?  That's what we're here for!!!
Read on – the following articles should be eye opening and should educate you quite a bit on the investments.  They have all been written, proof read and taught by our in-house realtor, from right here in Toronto, Victor Anjos.
Are you ready to make the plunge to have your condo (or home) managed by GloboSuites?  Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


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